Lucca in 1-2 days

Day 1

Lucca is the perfect place to while away your days eating, drinking and enjoying the finer things in life, while there’s an ample amount of sightseeing to do if it takes your fancy. Start your day in true Italian-style and head to a café for a coffee. Follow this with a leisurely walk throughout the city, exploring the charismatic, narrow streets. A good place to start is one of the main shopping streets, Via Fillungo. Wandering through here will allow you to stop off at San Frediano, the Piazza Anfiteatro, do a small detour to the San Michele church and then onto the Duomo, all while wandering in and out of the designer shops, provided they haven’t closed for their daily siesta. In the evening, head to one of the lively bars for an Italian beer or an aperitif.

Day 2

Hire a bike and ride around the path that takes you onto the city walls, known as Passeggiata delle Mura. Take a wander through the beautiful gardens at the Palazzo Pfanner then head to the Guinigi Tower and wander up to the top to check out the tree growing on the top and to take in the views of Lucca. Take a long lunch at one of the many restaurants and sample some of the regional wines. Head to Casa di Puccini where the composer Giacomo Puccini was born and lived. Italians love their passeggiata, an evening stroll, so make like a local and go for an evening walk, stopping off for some gelati and eventually heading to Lucca’s main square Piazza Napoleone, which is usually bustling with life.