Eating fast food in Valencia is almost a crime, because the local cuisine is damn tasty and well worth hooking into, washed down with a tasty wine, sangria or local beer.



This delicious Spanish rice dish originated in Valencia, and the locals have certainly perfected it — especially seafood paella, cooked in a large flat frypan with vegetables, saffron, olive oil, squid, prawns, mussels and fish stock, with a crispy caramalised bottom.


Tapas are small, tasty snacks, covering anything from a handful of olives or bread and oil to grilled squid, omelette, stuffed mussels, sliced cured ham with cheese and everything in between.

Hook into tapas when you’re bar hopping — sample a few local specialities and then move onto the next bar for a few more.


Cooked in an endless number of varieties, this dish is dried and salted cod, usually served with potatoes and other vegetables. It tastes better than it sounds!


Agua de Valencia

Sangria is Spain’s favourite drink and it is hard to beat, but in Valencia the drop to get your hands on is Agua de Valencia. Literally it means the water of Valencia. In truth it’s a lot tastier — a cocktail made from a base of cava or champagne with orange juice, vodka and gin. A sure-fire way to get you going!


The tape water in Valencia is fine to drink, though many visitors are not keen on the taste and prefer bottled water.