Surrounding environment
Have a look on the accommodations’ websites to see if there is information on at least two of the following environmental considerations and, if necessary, email them with further questions:

Do you attempt to reduce your energy and use local renewable energy sources?

How do you attempt to save water?


How do you do your bit to ensure the land and sea is free from rubbish and pollution?

Structures and materials
What materials do you use for your buildings and are they designed with sensitivity to their setting?

How do you recommend low carbon transport and make the journey as sustainable as the stay?

What suppliers do you use and do they match your environmental standards?

Wildlife and nature
How are you committed to the conservation of wildlife and flora in your area?

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Local community
It is always interesting to hear what accommodations are doing to support their local area, tourism is a really powerful way to bring economy to the community.

Local culture and products
It’s a good sign if the accommodation promotes local cultural attractions and provides details of local artisans, hopefully stocking relevant products for guests to purchase.

Encouraging respect
The owners should set a good example by demonstrating the working relationships they have with local community groups and landscapes, ensuring their guests show similar respect.

Charity and campaigning
Any support of local projects or charities is a good sign, as is actively campaigning to address local issues.

Staff wellbeing
The accommodation should practice what it preaches – offering its staff good working conditions, a fair wage and training opportunities.

Hand-picked top 10 eco-sensitive places to visit in the UK
The UK has plenty of beautiful locations that offer stunning landscapes and thriving wildlife; we’ve put together a selection of 10 hand-picked places to stay that won’t disappoint. From canvas yurts in the Isle of Wight, to forest cabins in Strathyre, to eco barns in Norfolk, our recommended accommodations are all leading the way in respecting the natural environment and community surrounding them:

Wheatland Farm, North Devon

Fowey Cottages, Cornwall

Canvas Yurts, Isle of Wight

Cranmer Eco Barns, Norfolk

Dovedale Cottages, Peak District

Eco Guesthouse, Wales

Strathyre Forest Cabins, Scotland

Rumblie Cottages, Scottish Highlands

Eco Retreats Tipis, Wales

Ballynahinch Castle, Ireland

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