Ed Miliband is the new Labour leader after defeating his brother, David Miliband, whose future in the party looks uncertain.

Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed won the leadership race by 1% and is planning to offer his brother a key role as the party’s chancellor, according to The Mirror.

Both Milbands had said that they would be happy to serve under the other, but reports are suggesting that David may now leave the party altogther.

“He needs time to think. I think he can make a very big contribution to British politics,” said Ed.

Ed has been labelled the more leftwing of the Miliband brothers by calling for the retention of the 50p tax rate, supporting a higher minimum wage and opposing free schools. He has called the invasion of Iraq a “tragic error.”

The younger Miliband gained the support of greens by opposing a third runway at Heathrow.

Ed has spoken of the need to move beyond the Blair/Brown era and has called for an end to the “factionalism and psychodramas” of Labour’s past.