Yesterday, the Egyptian government announced that a transition had begun and claimed to be in the midst of American-approved negotiations to end the uprising, however talks have been dismissed by opponents as a “ploy”.

The Egyptian government will today hold its first full cabinet meeting since protests erupted but leaders of the Egyptian democracy movement continue the pressure for President Hosni Mubarak to resign.

During an unprecedented meeting on Sunday, Egypt’s vice-president, Omar Suleiman, opened negotiations with opposition groups, including the banned Muslim Brotherhood, as the regime turned to dialogue to end the two-week uprising against it.

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After the meeting, Suleiman released a statement declaring that the meeting had produced a “consensus” on reform.

However leaders of the protest movement have denounced Suleiman’s portrayal of the meeting, suggesting it is little more than a political ploy.

Protests continue with 100,000 people demonstrating in Tahrir Square on Sunday, however numbers today were fewer then the mass demonstrations over the past two weeks.

Elsewhere in Cairo, life began to return to normal, with some businesses reopening. Banks have also opened their doors again and traffic is moving through the streets.