The giant red deer stag was believed to have been the biggest wild land animal in the UK, and was killed near Rackenford in October last year.

The Hartnoll Hotel in Bolham, near Tiverton, nine miles away from where the animal was killed, was said to have been lent the stag’s head about a month ago.

But since mounting the animal head, an employee of the hotel confirmed it had been “bombarded” with threats over email and phone, and as such, took the head down on Monday.

The nature of the threats is unknown, and have apparently not been reported to police.

Weighing more than 135kg (300lb) and standing nearly 2.75m (9ft) tall, it is believed the Emperor was shot by a licensed hunter during the annual rut.

Its death led to calls from some deer experts to protect wild stags during the mating season.

At the time, Richard Austin, a photographer who named the giant stag, said the Emperor had been a “definite target” because of his magnificent antlers.

The hotel owner, Claire Carter said it would be “fantastic” if the head belonged to the Exmoor Emperor, but she believed it only to be similar.

Carter, who said she was interested in taxidermy, refused to say who loaned her the stag’s head.