LinkedIn’s overused words list, first created last year, is culled from the summary section of LinkedIn’s public profiles.

The site’s staff translated the words into English and dropped all the overused nouns – especially “mobile” – and then sorted the words by frequency, according to a methodology box on the site.

Their approach this year was somewhat different from 2010, but the lists still overlap; words like innovative, motivated, extensive experience, problem solver and dynamic are all in there.

While the survey may encourage  job seekers to review their profiles, before you eliminate all 10 words, it’s fair to consider whether any of them are going to be used by hiring managers or recruiters who may type these same words in LinkedIn searches when they’re looking for candidates.

Experts suggest checking out job listings in your industry or postings that interest you to scan for any of the overused words — and if they do include those words, leave them in your profile.


LinkedIn’s 10 most overused buzzwords for U.S. profiles 2011:

1. Creative
2. Organizational
3. Effective
4. Extensive experience
5. Track record
6. Motivated
7. Innovative
8. Problem solving
9. Communication skills
10. Dynamic