The slow arrival of Spring is the perfect reminder to start booking your next weekend city break for a change of pace, setting and scenery. Whether you crave the bustle of Rome, the romance of Paris or want to head off the beaten track to one of the many increasingly popular cities in eastern Europe, book early to snatch the best deal and then just focus on the packing.

Pack lightly, but pack well

Now that every piece of checked hold luggage can increase your airfare ticket price by a huge amount we have all become pros at cram-packing our cabin bags. With the reduced amount of available space, we have just had to get a little more wily and smart about what we bring with us. Versatile items that can be used for multiple different looks and occasions are the name of the game with a few well-chosen accessories sufficing to bring it all together. To help with the perennial packing conundrum we have put together the top four items we think you should never leave home without.

Large scarf

Whether you encounter some overly enthusiastic air conditioning on a flight or an unexpected chill in the evening, a large scarf is every woman’s best friend. A cashmere pashmina can be worn across the shoulders for warmth as well as to cover shoulders should you wish to visit a religious site. Pick a muted tone to wear with just about anything, or opt for a brash printed pattern to make it the highlight of your look.


Pretty, demure and feminine, a pair of pumps can guarantee you comfortable sightseeing no matter the number of cobblestones or stairs traversed. Ballet pumps’ simple design let the rest of your outfit do all the talking, while still looking on-trend. Brands like Office and Peter Hahn offer models in all kinds of different colour and design to suit almost everyone’s taste.

All-weather coat

Packing a coat that can not only adapt to all 4 seasons in one day but can do so while weighing next to nothing is the true test here. It’s a big ask, but many a fashionista has found their perfect match. Our favourite picks are trench coats and macs: warm, yet lightweight and able to weather a downpour, these versatile coats are an ideal solution for the ever changeable ways of Spring. Opt for a classic tan colour or go for ever-practical black to avoid regular dry cleaning.

Power bank

OK, this isn’t something you can wear but it might just be as essential as any item of clothing. Its 2018, so let’s be honest – we are going to be using our mobiles to help navigate around a city, to take pictures, to find the best places to eat and to read up on the top sites. Given this high level of mobile dependency, having a portable power bank is a must! Read up on the best models on the market to find details about their weight and estimated number of charges to decide which best suit your needs.