If you love noshing down on bread, meat and blood (yes, blood!) you’ll be at home reading an Estonian menu.


Blood sausage

Much like British black pudding, the Estonians are fond of sausages made with blood, especially during the festive season.

Rye bread

You won’t sit down to a meal without being served warm rye bread, which is practically sacred to Estonians. It was made in almost every kitchen and kept thousands of families alive during tough Soviet times.

Meat, and more meat

Estonia gets bloody cold and nothing satisfies more than a hearty meal. Expect plenty of beef, lamb and pork. Dishes like pork tongue and elk steaks are also on menus, as is, occasionally, bear.


Fiery goodness

Vanna Tallinn is the local liquor, a fiery but tasty drop that’s been compared to Drambuie. Sip on it after dinner or have shots when you’re out on the town.

At the brewery

Estonias love a cold beer. Saku, brewed in Tallinn, is the nation’s favourite.