Gullfoss waterfall

Follow the misty trail along the thundering waterfall’s northern face to see the River Hvita crash 32 metres into a 2.5km ravine.


Strokkur Geyser at Geysir

Only 20 metres from the namesake of the world’s original geysir, Strokkur attracts throngs of visitors keen to see it spurt jets of hot thermal water 25 metres into the air every five minutes.



Small, clean and safe, Iceland’s capital has a surprisingly good cultural scene and nightlife. Stepping out of a club in daylight during summer is guaranteed with the sun shining nearly 24 hours.


Blue Lagoon

The milky blue pool of mineral-rich geothermal water is said to hold healing properties so it is little wonder most visitors to Iceland take a dip in this large outdoor spa, set in the middle of a lava field.


Snæfellsjokull Glacier

The giant ice cap rises above surrounding mountains to 1446 meters. Explore the surrounding lava friends, craters and beaches or go hiking and bird watching around the glacier.


Whale-watching at Husavik

Jump on a boat in Husavik to catch a glimpse of minke, humpback or sperm whales while puffins from nearby Flatey Island go fishing in the water.


Jokulsarlon Lagoon

Situated below the Vatnajokull ice cap, the spectacular blue and white icebergs across the lake of Jokulsarlon are an unforgettable sight.


Thingvellir National Park

Catch a view of Thingvellir and its church, hotel and lake from a lookout atop the 2km rugged Almannagja, a rift wall which forms the edge of the North American continental plate.


Dettifoss waterfall

Europe’s largest and most powerful waterfall dumps an average of 200 cubic metres of water per second over its 44-metre drop. The mighty flow comes from Iceland’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull.


Svartifoss waterfall

Its name means ‘black falls’ and comes from the real attraction of this waterfall, the hexagonal organ-pipe basalt columns, which flank it.


Westman Islands

Explore the remains of a 1973 volcanic eruption, which left nearly 400 buildings buried and made the island bigger. Play a round of golf here or go deep-sea fishing off the coast.