Parnu in 2-3 days

Day one – Walk the city to get your orientation. Duck into the small cafes for refreshments and chat to the locals who are more then keen to tell you all about their city. They all seem to know as much as a regular tour guide.

See the Tallinn Gate built in the 17th century, signalling the passage to Tallinn, or visit local handicraft shops and artwork centres with an abundance of amber jewellery.
When your feet get weary, find a cosy pub by late afternoon to sample the local beer and face the vodka shots.

Day 2
– Hit the beach. In summer stroll or rollerblade along the beach’s new promenade, take to the water for a swim, work on your suntan and then relax at one of the many beach bars.

If it’s winter you can walk onto the river and ocean to witness or partake in ice fishing, which is extremely popular with the local men.

Day 3
– Walk, go bird watching, cycle, canoe or even hunt in many of the surrounding parks.
Horse riding at the nearby Sassi Horse Farm is popular, while cross country skiing in winter is always a hit.

If it’s too cold outside, try Estonian’s largest water park at the new Tervise Paradiis health resort. It offers everything from water slides to a climbing wall.
If this is not your thing and you have the cash, get pampered in one of the many spas and health resorts that line the beach area. They offer any treatment you can think of and even treatments you have never heard of.

Parnu in 4-5 days

Stick to the itinerary above and then take advantage of an extra two day to explore the islands off the coast. Both Saaremaa and Hiiumaa are slow paced retreats with friendly locals who will make you feel envious of their laid-back lifestyles. Ferries leave daily from nearby.

Parnu in 6-9

Go to Soomaa National Park to experience bog walking, see bears and beavers from the river while you paddle your own dugout canoe, go fishing of just enjoy the natural beauty. Soomaa is worth at least a two day visit.

Get more information from the Parnu Tourism Information Centre or email