The billionaire, who did not attend the hearing at Westminster Coroner’s Court, described in a statement how he heard his 48-year-old wife slide off the bed, crack pipe in hand and watched as her eyes dimmed, reports The Daily Mail.

Eva Rausing’s body lay undiscovered for two months in their home, because Mr Rausing did not report her death because he “did not want her to leave” him and “could not cope” with losing her.

She was eventually discovere, severely decomposed. by police in a fly-filled room hidden under a pile of bedding and bin bags. 

Mr Rausing’s statement said: “I remember waking up in the morning, I got up to go to the bathroom I was shaving and I think I heard Eva slide off of the bed. I went into the bedroom and saw her sitting on some pillows on the floor, she was leaning sideways and her head face was resting on a pillow.

“I heard her exhale and then she did not move at all. I saw her alive for a few seconds.I went to her and grabbed her hands and tried to pull her up. I remember shouting ‘Eva, Eva, Eva.’

“I turned her toward me and I saw that her eyes had dimmed. She stopped breathing before I reached her. I knew she was dead, I was absolutely certain she was dead.

“I sat with her for a period of time then covered her up with a blanket and duvet. I could not look at her, I could not cope with her dying and do not feel able to cope with the reality of her death. With the benefit of hindsight I think I did not act rationally.”

He said he had ‘no recollection’ of what happened next and believes he suffered a break down.

Mr Rausing was given two suspended sentences in August after he admitted preventing the lawful and decent burial of his wife’s body.

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