Are there many employment opportunities for travellers at Australian events?

The summer season is always a busy one for us so we’re happy to talk with anyone interested in joining our team. Workis on a casual basis and what you do and where you work can change from week to week – it all makes for a great way to be part of a variety of events. 

What kind of jobs do you offer?

Work ranges from setting up marquees, laying basketball courts, to waste management during a festival, or bed-making in the snow. We offer cleaning and event support services to sporting and entertainment venues, events and festivals. Each winter we head to the mountain tops, providing housekeeping and cleaning services across Mount Hotham and Dinner Plain ski resorts. 

What kind of people are you looking for?

Enthusiastic people with attention to detail, customer service skills and a sense of humour.

Do I need any qualifications or past experience?

No, training is provided on the job. However, a background in hospitality or event experience would certainly be an advantage.

Do you offer any training?

We certainly do. All staff are trained on the job to ensure the team provides a consistent quality service to our clients.

How much money can I expect to earn?
Your wage is dependant upon your role (general staff, supervisor) but you can expect to earn $16 to $18 per hour.

How many hours will I work? 

This varies depending on what we have on. A usual shift would be seven to eight hours, but it can be as long as 12 hours. Occasionally we require staff to work through the nights as well as on weekends.

Where is the work located? Will I be able to work in different parts of Australia?

Work is mostly located across Melbourne but depending on the event it could be anywhere inVictoria. For staff who display initiative, leadership and a willingness to get the job done to a high standard, there are opportunities to work in New Zealand.

Why is this a good option for travellers?

On a Working Holiday visa you usually try your hand at different things, earning enough to get your next plane ticket and a box of goon. Working with us you can experience things you never thought you’d see or do. Imagine seeing what goes on backstage at the Big Day Out, living in the snow, or working on the foreshore along the Great Ocean Road at a lifesaving carnival.

What are the benefits of signing up with your company?

We offer a great opportunity to work in a friendly and dynamic team at a number of different venues and locations in Victoria. As a team we are passionate about what we do. We enjoy a challenge and a good laugh.