Taking inspiration from the stateside home of the crab, the Antic Collective bar and restaurant will be transformed into a Maryland crab shack on Saturday, May 24 at 3pm for one day only.

Just as they would over the pond, Farr’s will throw the crabs with abandon across long tables lined with newspaper, designed to handle the salty, spicy mess. Each guest will be presented with a hammer to aid in their crab conquest. Bibs will also be  provided for those looking to dress as genuine Marylanders would.

The theme of the day is hands-on eating, so the event will also offer guests the chance to indulge in ‘chicharrón’ pork skins with chipotle dip, before moving on to the spicy crab feast, served with buttered corn on the cob and potatoes.  It will finish with a stateside summer dessert delicacy in the form of peanut butter ice cream sandwiches, piled high in the middle of the table for diners to grab and lick as they see fit.

No crab feast is complete without plenty of drink, so Farr’s will also be offering Crab Claw Punch cocktails on arrival, and plenty of beer on the tables to cool down the burn of the Old Bay.

Dressing down is not only encouraged, it is, most definitely, advised.

When: Saturday, May 24 from 3pm

Where: You’ll receive a full address once you buy a ticket!

Tickets cost £30