Are there currently many employment opportunities for travellers?

October-December is typically our busiest quarter. We always have plenty of work available for travellers with previous office experience.

What kind of work do you offer?

We specialise in recruiting temporary office support, accounting, finance and specialist roles.

What kind of people are you looking for?

Typically we look for candidates with previous office experience, good computer knowledge and typing skills.

Do I need any qualifications?

You do not need qualifications to work for us. However, more skills and previous work experience will increase your earning capacity and variety of employment prospects.

What documents will I need before I can sign up with your agency?

You will need to bring your passport (with evidence of a working visa and date of entry), your resume, referees including email and contact details and a tax file number.

What advice can you offer in regards to my resume? What makes a good one?

Keep it simple and to the point. Be sure to include your new contact details whilst staying in Sydney. Remember, the front pages of a CV are read, the rest is basically glanced over.

Do you offer any training?

Yes we do. We can offer candidates free computer training in MS Office products.

What advice would you offer travellers when they first make contact with you?

Any one consultant can take up to 20 candidate calls per day so be prepared to sell yourself. Be confident and talk about specific skills and work experience. First impressions count, so if you’re personally delivering your resumes to agencies I would encourage you to “Dress Smart”- suit, tie, etc.

How much money can I expect to earn?

This will vary dramatically depending on skills, qualifications and experience. However you could expect a minimum of $19.50 per hour in a clerical based position.

How long are the work placements usually?

They can vary from one day to one month to one year. The average temporary assignment is in excess of three months.

Where is the work located?

We service Sydney CBD and the Greater West. We can transfer your details and provide you with an introduction in state capital cities across Australia.

What can I expect from your agency?

We offer a variety of jobs, complementary computer skills training, certificates and assessments for feedback, temporary awards, birthday cakes on birthdays, weekly pay on Wednesdays, regular feedback whilst on assignment and ongoing work. We offer a very personal service – you’re not just a number.

Why is this a good option for travellers?

Temporary work gives travellers the opportunity to earn money, improve skills and gain Australian work experience whilst exploring the sights this beautiful country has to offer.

– Heidi Livingston is Regional Director at Quay Appointments. For more details email or call (02) 9251 7339 (City) / 02 9891 9121 (Parramatta).