So what do you do about it?

Housenet is a social networking app designed to introduce local residents to each other for platonic fun. The creators say it is a great way to arrange a non-romantic play date with a like-minded neighbour.

“For better or worse, Valentine’s is our only ‘day of love’ each year, so it should be inclusive and something we can all enjoy,” the app’s founder Darren Moffatt explains.

“Singles and long-term couples with no interest in romance can still spread love and goodwill in their community by joining the app.”

Housenet automatically connects people in the same suburb so they can build new relationships within their local community.

Upon joining, the app will introduce users to other members in the area who wish to connect and there is a community page for each suburb that acts as a residents’ bulletin board.

It’s like Tinder but minus the causal hook-ups and hanky-panky. 

Have fun!

Image via Thinkstock