Relive the first date

Odds are that if you’ve forgotten Valentine’s Day you’re pretty settled in the relationship. What you need to do is go back to the start – that time when you made the most effort to show your romantic side. You’ve probably left it too late to make a reservation at the same place – but give it a shot; there might have been a last-minute cancellation. If not, cook at home: a favourite meal or maybe the same thing you ate on the first date. Whatever. Just make sure you reminisce about how you felt when you first met and do rekindle those feelings that sparked the romance.


Get physical

Stop. We don’t mean that! (That comes later.) We mean do something active that gets the endorphins flowing… Why? It’s scientifically proven to leave you in a loving mood (so you might get the other sort of physical at the end of the night!).


Rose petals never fail

This one is a classic and corny as hell but Valentine’s Day is the one day you can get away with being a big-old sop. This is all about anticipation, so leave a trail of rose petals leading from the front door to the Valentine’s gifts. And go all out. We’re talking heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, roses, love hearts… even a novelty teddy. But here’s the thing, don’t be generic. It must be personal – so make the message mean something. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Go for a massage

Show us a woman that doesn’t like a massage and we’ll show you a liar! Bit last minute, but try to book her in for a spa day, maybe for the both of you, and do it the weekend or sometime in the next week or so. It’ll go down a treat we promise.


Get a hotel room

Changing your surroundings can give your love life an instant boost, so what better than booking a night or a weekend in a hotel? Wait you say, I’ve left it too late. Wrong. There are absolutely loads of last-minute deals still available. You can for instance still score a night at the Hotel Urban Brisbane from $149 per night. The ‘Breakfast Special’ deal includes accommodation, a bottle of bubbly on arrival, breakfast, plus late check-out. To book, visit:


Be home buddies

For our next trick, we are going to completely contradict ourselves… stay at home! Sometimes the best Valentine’s gift of all is the promise of spending time together and you definitely don’t need to leave the house to make it special. Spend the entire day in bed together without interruption. Turn off phones, don’t answer the door, skip work and enjoy just being with each other.


Dress up

We’re not talking roleplay (although that’s not a bad idea either). Make sure, whatever you do and wherever you do it, that you get dolled up. Make an effort. Shower. Get a haircut. Definitely put on some smellies. She’ll appreciate the effort.  


Keep it simple

None of these are options for you? Don’t worry. By keeping it simple you can still succeed. Light candles. Give her a mini-massage. Let her have the sofa (and control of the remote) all night. Be attentive. Pay compliments. Let her completely relax. Simples.


And if all else fails…

Give her a dozen roses and a nice card! 

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