A Grimsby man, allegedly responsible for cruelty to his dog, was on the receiving end of mob justice after a 50-strong crowd gathered at his house, shouting and smashing windows.

The man was filmed by his neighbour as he mistreated his Staffordshire bull terrier, hitting it with a broom, as well as punching and kicking, after it whimpered to be allowed in the house.

The video was titled “Dog beater needs a punch himself’.

The neighbour, Michael Currie, 23, now has 500 Facebook supporters who have hailed his actions as heroic.

Curry wrote on his YouTube video: “His guy lives just up the road from where I use to live in Stanley Street, Grimsby. He was recorded repeatedly punching, kicking and hitting this poor helpless dog. He has been reported to the police and RSPCA.

“Feel sorry for the kids because if the dog gets this for just barking god knows what the kids get for crying.”

In the video, the dog can be seen twice being beaten with poles by a man at the rear of the property. Later, it flinches in fear when the back door is flung open.

Next, a woman in a bra and trousers with a towel on her head opens the door and appears to whip the dog with a cloth before slamming the door in its face.

One shot shows the dog eventually being allowed into the house, but not before cowering in terror at the prospect of another beating.

Finally, further footage shows a man grabbing the dog by its neck before punching it twice and kicking it while a small boy appears behind him, seemingly egging him on.

After watching the video, YouTube user Swampy83 wrote: “if i had a limited time to live and knew i wouldnt have to be locked up for long, i’d kick fuck out of him.”

TheLildevil85 was equally horrifed: “poor dog! i was actually in tears, i hav staffys myself n they r such loving animals all that dog will have been tryin 2 do is make those fat twats happy,” they wrote.

Police were eventually called to disperse the group and arrested a 36-year-old man on suspicion of animal cruelty. The dog is being looked after by the Blue Cross animal welfare charity.