Motorist Sonji Williams was surprised and a little horrified to find the feathery stowaway blinking from out the bars of her SUV’s radiator grill after she was flagged down by people she was passing on the street.

It is said that passerby’s had seen the big, yellow eyes of the owl blinking behind the chrome grill.

Williams could only think that the bird must have become lodged in the car’s front due to an accident that had occurred the night before.

“I was driving about 60 miles per hour and the bird never moved. I felt so bad [for hitting it] but it was very dark and we didn’t pull over.”

Thankfully for all concerned (the owl in particular) Florida fish and wildlife rangers were called to the scene and the bird was removed from the car.

By all reports the owl is in fine fettle after its grim ordeal and has even gone on to become something of an internet celebrity, with a gif of it’s glowing yellowy eyes showing behind the grill of the woman’s car being beamed around the world.