The 78-year-old creative director of Chanel also said that Duchess’s sister “struggles” with her appearance, in comments to The Sun.

However, he was filled with praise for older sister Kate, though the pair very much resemble each other.  Lagerfeld said of “romantic” beauty Kate, “She knows pretty well what to wear and what to do. She has a divine silhouette so she can wear anything.”

The notably outspoken fashion designer has no problem voicing his opinions of famous woman’s appearances, even when generally they are thought of as extremely attractive. He last came under fire in February for his comments on singer Adele, calling her “too fat,” though admitting she had a pretty face and beautiful voice. Lagerfeld later apologized for that comment.

Apparently Lagerfeld’s type is a woman like fashion designer and Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, praising her slim body. “She is great. I like her a lot. I have known her for many years,” said Lagerfeld. “And that body, after four children. There are not so many who have a body like that. She is very disciplined.”

All we have to ask is: what is Lagerfeld compensating for?

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