The Queenslander, part of her country’s 4x100m gold medal-winning team, is in isolation at the athletes’ village, separated from room-mate and sister Bronte to prevent her affliction affecting any of the 44 other swimmers on the Australian team

“The doctors believe we’ll get Cate on the blocks. We can’t perform miracles but they will be doing everything they can…it’s wait and see from here,” Australian swimming head coach Leigh Nugent told media.

“It’s a pity Cate didn’t get the chance to prove herself in the individual event. In the end, the decision was taken to cut our losses and try to give her the chance to redeem in the 50m.

“She’s pretty debilitated. You need everything you’ve got (in the 50m) because it is one of those no mistake events.

It’s been a rough ride for Campbell. In 2010, she suffered glandular fever and post-viral fatigue, which prevented her from competing for more than a year. As a result, her immune system is still vulnerable.

“She’s is in her own room…Cate Campbell’s hideaway…and no one else goes in,” Nugent said.

If Campbell does get well n time, she hopes replicate or better her bronze medal placing of four years ago when just 16 in Beijing.

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