Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, USA, November 28th

Thanksgiving is a pretty big deal in the USA, and they mark it in the Big Apple with, among other celebrations, this Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Famed for its marching bands, assortment of fl oats and, of course, its giant balloon characters that tower through the city’s streets, it is a fantastic reminder of the lack of subtlety that the Yanks, thankfully, do so well.

Where: New York City

Details: There are two-and-a-half miles of public viewing along the parade route, which snakes its way through the streets of Manhattan, so there is no shortage of viewing spots from which to catch a glimpse of the clowns, bands, fl oats, and more.

Do it because: The sight of a giant Spider-Man or Hello Kitty balloon weaving its way down 34th Street in the crisp New York autumn air is something you just don’t get to see every day.

How much: It is fabulously free.

Loykrathong Fest, Thailand, November 17th

This magical festival sees floating crowns, or boats as they are sometimes also known, filled with flowers and lanterns and then set out to sea. It’s a beautiful image that stirs the soul.


Pushkar Camel Fair, India, to November 30th

Each year the month of November sees upwards of 300,000 people and nofewer than 20,000 camels and cattle come together in this vibrant, colourful mela (festival) that brings together farmers, traders, villagers and intrepid tourists from all across the Rajasthan region of India.

Revolution Festival, Mexico, November 28th

This annual event marks the date in 1910 when Mexico overthrew dictator Jose dela Cruz Porfi rio Diaz Mori after 34 years of military rule that began a decade long civil war. Woop Mexico!

Monkey Buffet Fest, Thailand, November 25th

This curious-soundingf estival sees 4000 kilograms of fruit and vegetables laid out in the province of Lopburi, north of Bangkok. This is for two reasons – it lures out the 3000 monkeys living in the area for a good hearty meal, and provides a cacophonous tourist event. Both are achieved with aplomb.