Why it works

If you’re reading this on the sweaty Tube or it’s raining outside, let us take you to Cafe Mambo in Ibiza. You’re welcome. “I didnt realise what a big deal they made about the sunset but it was amazing,” Vicki tells us.

“As the crowd gathered on the beach there were people fire twirling and dancing to the music from the nearby bars and I was watching the boats wondering how amazing it would be to be on the water.” People applaud the sun as it goes down. Well done Vicki for capturing it so dramatically. 


%TNT Magazine% four crosses black and white


Four Crosses

by Eleni Keogh, South Africa

Why it works

A beautifully composed, sombre image from Warsaw’s Three Crosses Square, capturing the three churches which give the area its name, with a modern cross in the foreground. “I shot in black in white because I felt it added to the sadness and emotion still felt in Poland today,” Eleni says.


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