For forty years David Lynch has bewitched and disturbed audiences alike with such surreal, celluloid masterpieces as Erasurehead and Mulholland Drive. Now the celebrated, leftfield filmmaker is trying his hand at pop music.

Lynch, who was also behind mind-bending cult TV series Twin Peaks has revealed he is releasing two debut singles, Good Day Today and I Know.

“I’ve always loved sounds and so I built a studio where I can experiment with sound, and gradually I started experimenting with music. I’m not a musician, but I love to experiment and try to make music,” he told The Guardian from his home in LA.

Just like his films, his music has so far been described as “dreamlike”.

His first song, electro pop tune Good Day Today, apparently just came to him.

“I was just sitting and these notes came and then I went down and started working with Dean [Hurley, sound engineer] and then these few notes, ‘I want to have a good day, today’ came and the song was built around that.”

Explaining why he chose electronic as the genre for his first foray into music Lynch said: “Well, I love electricity so it sort of stands to reason that I would like electronics.”

Music has always been an important part of Lynch’s films. While making Blue Velvet he co-wrote Mysteries of Love’ sung by Julee Cruise. Another Julee Cruise song Falling became the theme tune for Twin Peaks, and won a Grammy for best pop instrumental.

Lynch has signed a worldwide deal with UK independent label Sunday Best Recordings to release the songs.