Money News: Getting fizzy with it

❚ Jay-Z went all out celebrating his Watch The Throne album release in August, and bought a 15-litre bottle of champers for £63,000. His bar tab at the end of the night came to £157,000 for drinks alone.

❚ Jennifer Aniston reportedly spends £63 for a bottle of her favorite shampoo, made from champagne, white truffles and caviar. Sounds more like a posh meal.

❚ Kelly Rowland, Usher and Nelly spent a reported £140,000 on Dom Perignon at Amika nightclub In High Street Kensington in 2008 — and that was before her X Factor cash was rolling in!

❚ American Don Johnson, a friend of Bon Jovi, spent £120,000 on a bottle of Armand de Brignac, the most expensive champagne in the world, at the One for One Club in London in June.

Save Money: Best Deals in London

Need to save for a winter holiday? Let us help …

As the temperature drops, the heating bills are bound to rise. Make a thrifty move by lining the wall behind your radiator with tin foil, which reflects the heat back into the room. And it’s hidden behind the radiator, so it won’t look horrible either. It’s a cheaper and efficient way to keep toasty.

As any driver in London will know, tracking down a parking space is nearly impossible. Help is at hand with the iPhone app, Find Parking, which assists by searching for free or cheap parking based on your location within London’s 11 central boroughs.

Grab a Starbucks coffee each Monday and you can download an e-book or music track from iTunes for free in return. Pick up an iTunes Pick Of The Week card in any of the chain’s cafes for details.

How You Spend It!

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Lauryn Gilroy, 20
Job Student
From New York
Lives Kensington

How do you budget?
I don’t really work to a specific budget. I just know how much money I have and work hard to make sure not to run out too quickly!

Any money-saving tips?
Find sales. Whether it be for food or clothing, it pays to be a sales hound. It’s a ‘bang for your buck’ kind of thing.Another obvious one is to only buy what you really need. But honestly, where is the fun in that?

Last big blow-out?
A swanky roof-top Halloween party I went to with a bunch of friends. As far as a night out goes, it was a lot more than I would usually pay, but I had a great time and hey, you only live once.