Almost without fail, half the bikes in the studios seem broken, I never know if the seat’s adjusted correctly, and I often have the sneaking suspicion the resistance on my bike is calibrated higher than everybody else’s (that’s my excuse, anyway).

Enter Cyclebeat, the fairly new spinning studio in the City’s Lombard Court. Compared to other studios, Cyclebeat feels positively VIP. I was presented with my own towel and water bottle before class.

As a newbie to the space, when I approached my bike (which I booked online – I chose one furthest from the front), one of the instructors helped me adjust it for maximum comfort. Stadium-style seating ensured an unobstructed view of the instructor.

All the bikes are listed by number on a leader board at the front of the room, and more competitive types can push to be the fastest in the room if they like. I, alas, had no hope. I was relieved to be the third-slowest in the room. However, as my score was there for all to see, I did push myself more than I had ever previously in a spinning class.

Costs £120 for a 10-class pass or intro £30 for 30 days offer. 

8 Lombard Court, EC3V 9BJ  
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