It’s also a great hangover cure – as I discovered when I had a go one bleary-eyed Sunday morning when all I wanted was my bed, Paracetamol and a carb-fest.

As it turns out, kayaking down the Thames works just as well, if not better, as by midday I felt energised and happy I had tried out a new experience, rather than succumbed to the usual ‘sofa Sunday’. Meeting at Datchet Rail Station, near Windsor, the Thames Kayaking crew took me to the bank where the kayaks are moored up.

Having only done kayaking once before I was a little wary, but as soon as I was aboard I was reminded how stable they are. It was hard work in this hot weather, with my back and shoulders aching and the beginnings of blisters on my hands after the two-hour trip, but the picturesque route and camaraderie of the group made it worthwhile. Plus, it easily ticked off one of my three exercise sessions a week (which I rarely stick to).

Thames Kayaking also offers full-day and camping trips. A two-hour trip costs £40pp. Get in touch to find out what days they plan on heading out.  

Station | Datchet

Photo: Getty