What’s your show about? Me being a cougar, a predatory woman seeking younger men. I am a vibrant energetic woman and men my age are old fuddy duddies – clinically obese, cardigan-wearing and lazy.

Strangest gig? In a giant marquee with bankers on a team-building weekend, no stage, with a failed Eighties DJ. Half an hour of hell!

What’s the worst heckler you’ve had? A drunk guy called Vinnie at Bury Town Hall. He heckled all the other acts, so, during the interval, I got the lowdown on him from his mates so when he started at me, I had a wealth of sharp retorts.

Has moving to the UK influenced your comedy much? I returned to the UK in 1990 and became the landlady of a rural pub in Kent. My humour embraces Brit and Aussies. I say what Brits are too scared or polite to say. Some people have
a posher ‘telephone voice’, I have a stage ‘Pammy voice’ that’s more Aussie than how I normally speak. I grow balls with a mic in my hand.

Pam Ford plays ROFL and LOL 
The Finsbury, N4 1EY | May 16 | Free
Tube | Manor House