That’s the equivalent to a luxury holiday to impress party guests.

The research, which was conducted by pickle people Branston, found Brits will invest an average of £84 on the perfect BBQ grill in the hopes of grabbing their guests’ attention and being crowned the King or Queen of BBQ season.

Competition is fierce for one in seven (a whopper – sorry, whopping 14%) who spend as much as £250 on their barbeque, replacing it every three years to ensure they have the most current design.

Cooking up an average of 11 barbeques a year, over one in ten (11%) go all out and organise additional entertainment such as temporary dance floors to woo their guests, while one in 12 go so far as to install special outdoor features like TVs or hot tubs in the hopes of making it a party to remember.

Barbeques are a serious business for Brits, with the average party setting hosts back £182, with alcohol alone costing £71.23. Meat is the second highest expense costing an average of £26 on top quality cuts, while sides and snacks add an additional £15 respectively to the shopping bill.

Image credit: Thinkstock