Florence in 2-3 days

There’s so much to do in Florence that it almost feels like there’s an unmissable church or museum around every corner.

To get a feel for the city spend a couple of hours in the Piazza del Duomo and climb to the top of the dome for a killer view of the Tuscan countryside and the city. Go inside the Duomo, Bapistry and Campanille or just appreciate them from the outside.

Then stroll down to the wonderful Piazza della Signoria where you can check out the fake David and some other wonderful pieces of outdoor sculptures.

Around the corner is the Uffizi inside which you could spend a couple of hours or all day.

Now it’s time to stroll down the Arno to the Ponte Vechhio, cross over into Oltrarno and explore this artisans quarter.

The next day make a beeline for the Accademia and see Michelangelo’s masterpiece David, before heading back across town for a chilled out afternoon in the wonderful Giardino di Boboli – Italy’s most visited gardens.

Florence in one week

Visit the Santa Croce district, looked over by the incredible Franciscan Church of the same name which boasts frescos by Giotto inside.

While you’re in the neighbourhood you can also check out Casa Buonarroti, which is on the site of a house once owned by Michelangelo Buonarroti and is now a museum.

Then head to Palazzo Pitti a huge Palazzo in the Oltrarno which is part of the same complex as the Boboli Gardens and is also home to the very highly rated art museum Galleria Palatina.

Florence is also home to the Great Synagogue of Florence or Tempio Maggiore, completed in 1882 in an Italian and Moorish style.

During World War II fascist troops used the synagogue as a vehicle garage.

It was restored after the war and again after damage during the great floods of 1966. A guided tour tells this building’s fascinating story.