Britons are crazy for flowers! Given the UK’s reputation for stunning garden design and world-class flower shows, that may come as no surprise.

But did you know that there are florals among us that took 15 years to create? More than that, it has been sold for an astounding £3 million per bud! And while Paul McCartney doled out serious ££ on wedding flowers for his doomed marriage to Heather Mills, that’s nothing compared to the flower budget at Will & Kate’s nuptials.

It’s not just us – people around the world send more flowers to friends abroad than any other gift! And with the advent of the internet, international flower delivery companies like are busy shipping the beautiful buds across national borders, including to Australia and New Zealand.

The UK’s flower-gifting habits may say a lot about the state of our international relations. For instance, we send more flowers abroad to our friendly friends in sunny Spain than any other group in the world, but we spend far more on our Swiss acquaintances. And as for the Spanish? They don’t seem to be returning the favour – they send less flowers to us than anyone else! What does all this mean? You tell us! 

Check out the below infographic to see the world in flowers…

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