Movie and a meal

Popcorn pick’n’mix not cutting it? Go to the new Odeon cinema at Whitelys and munch on hamburgers, risotto, and squid fritters, washed down with retro ice-cream sodas. The menu comes courtesy of superchef Rowley Leigh, who ensures that if the movie’s a dud, at least you can count on good food.

Try coconut yoghurt

This new treat, dubbed ‘heaven in a mouthful’ is the latest, tastiest export from Australia. Made from coconut milk, COYO is free from any added sugar, lactose, dairy, gluten, soya and additives, which makes it an entirely digestible treat for those fussy with their food. The best bit is that coconut reportedly increases your metabolism, making COYO a dieter’s friend. Get it at Planet Organic stores and John Lewis food halls for £5.49.

New Year Korean style

Korean restaurant Kimchee in Holborn is celebrating the new lunar year with something extra for its guests. Between February 6 and 12, diners will receive a complimentary pouch of Bureom, or mixed nuts. Good health comes to those who customarily crack the nuts with their teeth and throw them over the roof, shouting “Bureom, get out”. There will also be an opportunity to try Gwibalgi-sul, a wine that is said to improve your hearing, so you don’t miss any good news in 2012.