Oxford University described Peter Andre, 38, as an “inspirational figure”.

Anticipating a backlash from highbrow critics Oxford Union rep Mark Greaves stressed the union was not “dumbing down” by inviting the Mysterious Girl singer.

“He’s got a lot of experience in the media and we think he would be really interesting speaker for our members.

“We had Katie Price here last year and it was really successful and had a positive response.

“We want inspirational figures from the celebrity world who can offer an insight into their career.

“He is one in a line of a wide range of speakers.

“We are definitely not dumbing down, we are just trying to reflect the 21st century and will keep inviting important people.
“Celebrity culture is here to stay.”

Meanwhile, Katie Price, 33, actually did make some good points at the Cambridge debate, where she spoke about how she juggled her many businesses, and said that no one would ever beat her at Trivial Pursuit.

After the debate, a student told The Sun:

“Whatever you think about the way she has made her money, you can’t fault the fact she has succeeded in what is still a very masculine world.”

More than 1000 students watched as Price spoke to the Oxford Union last October.