CCTV footage of the death of actor Mark Blanco suggests he was probably dropped to his death according to analysts.

Blanco suffered fatal head injuries when he fell from a balcony in 2006, having been partying with rock star Pete Doherty and others in a flat in Whitechapel.

Video forensics expert John Kennedy, having reviewed the images said: “The only explanation I can think of is that somebody might have dropped him off the balcony. He doesn’t climb over the railing himself. He doesn’t jump. He just suddenly appears outside the railing and falls”

All six people who were at the gathering in Whitechapel, London, in December 2006 say they have no knowledge of how Blanco died and were in the flat above at the time he fell, reports the BBC.

Blanco had arrived at the home of Paul Roundhill, a man well-known for his involvement with hard drugs, just after midnight and was described as ‘drunk’ and ‘aggressive’

Witnesses say he began badgering Pete Doherty, who asked his minder, Johnny Jeannevol and Mr Roundhill to help.

Blanco was forcibly ejected from the flat, and CCTV footage shows Blanco then going back inside the building.

Fifty-seven seconds later he can be seen falling headfirst from the four metre high (14 foot) communal balcony. He died the next day in hospital from severe head injuries.

The people in Mr Roundhill’s flat all say they were unaware Blanco had returned to the building.

Twelve minutes after Blanco fell the CCTV footage shows Mr Doherty and two friends emerging from the building, examining Blanco, who was lying on the ground, then running away.