Once an IT specialist, Alan John Miller, or AJ, now runs a religious movement in his hometown of Kingaroy, Queensland.

The movement, known as the Divine Truth, is gaining followers from across the world with individuals from the UK and US subscribing to their beliefs.

Alan John Miller also claims his partner Mary Luck is Mary Magdalene who, according to the bible, was present at the crucifixion.

Miller told Sky News: “I have very clear memories of the crucifixion, but it wasn’t as harrowing for me as it was for others like Mary who was present.

“When you are one with God you are not in a state of fear, and you have quite good control over your body’s sensations and the level of pain that you absorb from your body.”

Among his followers is British scientist, Louise ‘Luli’ Faver who has given up her career to be closer to Miller.

Talking to Sky News, she said: “It’s just nice to instead of being surrounded by people who think you are nuts, to be surrounded by people who understand what you are going through and the difficulties of trying to deal with all the emotional stuff”.

Miller holds seminars near his home and travels around the world sharing his ideas. His seminars sometimes pull in up to 150 people.

A cult expert Rev David Millikan, who has met Miller, worries about the movement.

“The danger is you’ll be drawn closer and closer into his web to a point that you lose access to your social life, you spend all your money, you’ll have the curses of all your family ringing in your ears and you may well lose your relationship,” he said. 

Image via YouTube