In addition, mobile gaming has become a global phenomenon, with research released earlier this year predicting that 2.4 billion people worldwide will play such titles in 2019.

So many experiences are now on offer in the gaming world, but one of the more intriguing trends in recent times has been how some developers have chosen to combine different genres to bring a unique twist to titles. Here we take a look at just a few of the genre-hopping gaming styles you simply have to sample.

1. MOBAs

Also known as multiplayer online battle arena games, these titles tend to combine online multiplayer features with some strategy and action elements. Leading games in this genre include Dota 2 and League of Legends, two titles which have become a core part of the ever-growing world of eSports. The world’s biggest Dota 2 tournament, known as The International, this year featured a prize pool of more than $34 million.

2. Slingo

Slot games and bingo have both enjoyed a renaissance in recent years thanks to online platforms, and now they have been combined to create slingo. As Ted Bingo outlines, slingo bingo generally sees players spin a wheel to generate numbers, while they then have 20 seconds to find the digits on their card. Players may win if they manage to complete a row or column of figures.

3. GTA Online

Anyone who has played a game in the Grand Theft Auto series will know what to expect from GTA Online, which is the online multiplayer service linked to the hugely successful GTA V. However, the platform attracted a huge amount of attention this year with its Diamond Casino and Resort update, which has given players the chance to sample classic casino games like roulette, blackjack and three-card poker within the GTA universe.

4. Football Index

Few people would have thought that a game would successfully combine the strategy of trading on the stock market with the simple pleasures of soccer, but Football Index has managed to achieve that. The concept allows traders to buy and sell shares in real footballers for money, with the aim being to try and make a profit along the way. Furthermore, players can win dividends based on issues such as player performance and media exposure.