A man who threatened police in LA with a metal bar was gunned down by police outside a fast food restaurant on Monday.

Shocking footage was recorded of the event by teen bystanders outside the Carl’s Jr. burger chain in the notoriously violent California city.

The mystery man was electrocuted with a Taser by officers on the scene but still refused to stand down. He had reportedly smashed the windows of the restaurant with a crowbar or metal piping before being confronted outside in the car park.

The video shows the man removing the Taser spikes and moving towards the police officer, who then shoots him with a pistol five times.  After stumbling and spinning around, he continues to try and attack the officer and so they retaliate with five more shots. A bystander can be heard exclaiming ‘Dude they shot him so many times!’.

There have been shocked reactions to the footage, with angry reactions to the overuse of lethal force. During the filming, the teenagers who are filming using a phone camera comment ‘They could have done something f***in’ different than f***in’ shoot him, use a baton or some s**t.’

The most popular comment on YouTube from user Lesinki who says “These cops are clearly murderers, and there is no question about it. In any European country they would end up in prison, serving 10-25 years. If they got away with what they did to that kid without punishment, the U.S. truly is a wild, sick country…”

The man later died in hospital.

Watch the shocking footage below (please note, due to the graphic nature of the video there’s an age restriction block. Users will need to login to YouTube to watch).

Video and images: YouTube/CaptainSanjeezy