Gemma Barker, 20, used Facebook to create fake male identities so she could have sexual encounters with girls aged 15 and 16.

One of her victims said in a court statement: “Nobody understands what it’s like to be told that the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with isn’t real.

“It’s like you’ve disappeared. I just want to stop hurting. When I found out he was a girl I was frightened and confused.

“What did I ever do wrong to you? I felt repulsed and dirty. It made me angry and made me want to kill myself because I couldn’t cope.”

Barker sexually assaulted her other victim around 10 times during the seven-month relationship.

Barker was sentenced to 30 months in jail at Guildford Crown Court after admitting sexual assault and fraud.

Judge Peter Moss said she “cruelly tricked” the girls and branded Barker “deceitful and manipulative”.

He added: “The psychological damage to these innocent young women is self-evident.”

Barker wore baggy clothes and spoke in a deeper voice to pose as two boys she named Connor McCormack and Aaron Lampard.

The two girls believed that their “boyfriends” were their age.

Barker even fooled police, until one of her alter egos was arrested and police gave her a strip search.