In the early hours of Friday morning a fire broke out at the club in Patong beach, which was believed to have been started when lightning hit an electricity transformer.

CNN reported that four French travellers and seven Thai locals had been sent for burns treatment at Patong Hospital.

“There were up to three lightning strikes and black-outs before the fire broke out,” said Tomrongsak Boonyarunk, one of the business executives working for the organisation that owns Tiger told AFP.

“We fully comply with the law on fire exits. We will not duck responsibility. We are sorry. I’ve sent staff to hospital to look after the injured people.” he continued.

The fire started at 4am local time, when the disco itself was closed for the night. However, approximately 80 people were sheltering from the rain inside the club at the time.

“I am interviewing many witnesses so I can’t conclude the exact cause until I gather more information and evidence,” Lt. Colonel Jongserm Preecha told CNN.

Main image: Patong beach in Phuket, Thailand (Getty)