Anyone whose ever been charged by a goose will know that it is an experience as terrifying as it is uniquely embarrassing, and unfortunately for one rather large primate, a video camera was on hand to capture this humiliation for posterity.

16 year old Barney was having a bad enough day when a flock of geese invaded his turf at Kansas’ Sedgwick County Zoo, but it was all about to get a lot worse for him.

A staring contest ensued between one of the bad tempered birds and the 200kg silverback, who instead of using his huge weight and strength to advantage, seemed content to try and intimidate.

In hindsight, perhaps Barney will be thinking that he made the wrong decision, as you can see in the video below.

The little goose spreads its wings before charging at Barney, who is so taken aback by the bird going on the offensive that he back peddles and falls over.

Talk about a wild goose chase.

In Barney’s defence he’s been in captivity so long that he probably forgot what it felt like to be attacked by something..

Still, I bet there are gorillas the world over chuckling behind their hairy hands at him, he’ll no doubt become the joke of the primate community.

Good luck finding a mate now, buddy.

Image: Getty