This video of a fox licking a window has been watched far too many times for a workday but we defy you not to send it to your mate.

And hats off to the Youtube user who commented: “Firefox has encountered an unexpected problem with windows.”



And while we’re talking about foxes licking windows, let’s throw a few words of calm from the RSPCA in the face of the general hysteria bout urban foxes that’s currently sweeping the UK.

“[Foxes] are generally nervous of people and try to avoid both adults and children. Occasionally, they are a little bolder and will enter gardens in broad daylight to search for a quiet place to rest, look for food scraps or just because they are curious.  This boldness isn’t a sign of aggression – a healthy fox would only attack a person if provoked.

“In the past, the RSPCA funded scientific research into foxes in urban areas.  As a result, the general conclusion was that foxes are generally only a minor nuisance and that most people enjoy seeing them. The size of fox populations in urban areas is held in balance by the foxes’ own system of spacing themselves in family territories. The size of these territories is linked to the availability of food supplies,” the RSPCA writes on its website.

Anyone have strong views on urban foxes?