Frankie Boyle is refusing to attend the British Comedy Awards after being told he will not be a presenter as expected.

Boyle has been in the headlines recently for his controversial Tramadol Nights show in which he made jokes about Katie Price’s son Harvey and used racist words.

Rumour was that Boyle would be presenting this year’s Comedy Awards as he did in 2009 when the show was aired on ITV. This year the ceremony will be screened on Channel 4.

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However, yesterday Channel 4 – which also hosts Boyle’s Tramadol Nights – said that the comedian would not have any presenting duties at this year’s Comedy Awards.

To add insult to injury, Boyle has also not been nominated for any gongs.

As a result, Boyle is snubbing the ceremony altogether.

“Frankie thought he would be one of the stars of the show because it was being screened on Channel 4 and he was looking forward to presenting a gong,” a source told the Mirror.

“He got a shock when he realised he wasn’t involved in the show and would just have been sat at a table along with TV execs and dozens of other comics. He can’t win anything either.

It is a reality check for Frankie and a sign he is no longer a top priority for Channel 4 because of all the problems with his show Tramadol Nights. He didn’t like it one bit.”

Apparently Boyle’s decision not to attend the Awards will make him even less popular with his Channel 4 bosses.

“He threw his toys out the pram and told bosses he had no intention of going to the awards – which won’t go down well either,” the source said.

Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights has been slammed by politicians, viewers and charities.