The twenty-first of March 2001 is a quite significant date for the videogaming industry. A famous Nintendo company that gained the popularity all over the world had released a 32-bit video game console. It is an enhanced successor of the famous Game Boy Color. The handheld Game Boy Advance became a real catch for the people who were looking forward to be acquainted with the improved and more user-friendly software version of its predecessor. During the first year after its release, the new Game Boy Advance console became universally loved among the pro gamers worldwide. And these are not the empty words. As a proof, we could mention that after the release, there had been an enormous demand for the games that were compatible with the new video game giant. 

The gamers from all over the world are still looking for the opportunities to play everyone’s favorite Super Mario, Mortal Combat or Pokemon. This dream may come true with the modern GBA emulator in spite of the fact that the video game consoles are not as popular today as they were before. One cannot fail to mention that sixteen years have already passed from the release of the Game Boy Color’s son. However, nowadays the emulators together with the well liked ROMs games give the possibility to refresh the childhood memories and give the video game platforms the second chance.

The Game Boy Advance Emulators for the Diverse Devices

The emulators for the ROMs games are the software that let the Windows, Mac, Linux computers, tablets, Apple iPhones, and smartphones running Android emulate the hardware of the video game consoles. In addition, the emulators often offer the users the most up-to-date options and features that were never compatible with the original video game platform. For instance, the modern emulators have larger controller compatibility, higher quality grade and many others.

When choosing GBA emulator, we should pay attention to the operating system that we have installed on our devices. Firstly, we have to find the appropriate, reliable and most secure website that has a huge free gaming resource. Secondly, we need to choose the platform we want to emulate on and download the highest rated and the most convenient emulator. It is not strange that the majority of the GBA emulators are designed for the Windows computers. For instance, the No$GBA, Boycott Advance, VisualBoyAdvance, DreamGBA emulators are most frequently used in the Windows operating system environment. Speaking about Mac computers, there are only few of those. We can point out Boycott Advance and GBA4iOS which are considered to be the best ones for Mac OS X.