Sightseeing in Vienna is one form of entertainment, but visiting the theatres, opera and concerts gives citygoers a whole new entertainment experience. Online tickets are available to all shows in Vienna but also international tickets are on offer.

Vienna is the megalopolis of classical music, with musical luminaries having come to the city to showcase their work including Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert – amongst many other well-known composers. Vienna was truly the place to be. Famously born in the city were Franz Schubert, Arnold Schönberg, Joseph Lanner and Johann Strauss the I and II.  It is also the birthplace of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis theory in Psychology, with the Sigmund Freud Museum in its Serviten Quarter. In its day, Vienna had truly the most Rockstar vibe with fashions and fascinations to seamless spending from the aristocracy who chose to live it up there. Secession art from Klimt is a famous landmark too.

Nowadays, you can take a trip to Austria’s most disputed city named Vienna (many scholars have been in hot debate for decades about where its name came from with some claiming it stands for ‘forest stream’) to look at its splendid buildings and architecture. But, more importantly, you can choose to do as those from times past did. On offer today are some great tickets such as the Castle Schönbrunn concerts set in the backdrop of the refurbished Orangery Schoenbrunn, where once Mozart himself performed, which offer a variety of works by Mozart and the Strauß Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra in a deeply appealing Castle concert, accompanied by dancing and singing.

Another current cultural treasure includes the Ariadne on Naxos Chamber Opera, which is a drama in music in three acts from 1733, with music performed by Nicola Porpora and Libretto by Paolo Rolli – a new production of the theatre at the Vienna Chamber Opera.

Some of these great buildings and opera houses are steeped in history, with Vienna’s operas and theatres abound with this splendid Regency-style regalia of reds and golds adorning the walls and ceilings. Opulence is the feeling you’ll get, through and through. The ‘Biedermeier’ style of the German speaking countries mirrored the romance of the French Empire style of Napoleon I. Cherry, ash and oak woods were used to create a simple, elegant style that resembled more expensive timbers such as mahogany. Many unique designs were harnessed across Vienna, apprentice furniture makers used material and novelty designs to get noticed.

Exhibitions in Vienna at the Applied Arts Museum focused many Biedermeier designs in 1896 seeing a resurgence of European furniture makers. It lasted until Art Deco was borne. It is largely associated with a rising middle class.

If you want culture, culture and more culture. Vienna and its online tickets is where you should head. The city was acclaimed with a first accolade globally for its ‘Culture of Innovation’ in 2007/8. Of 256 cities, it came sixth in the ‘2014 Innovation Cities Index’, ranked by culture, infrastructure and markets. It has also ranked second in the ‘most liveable cities’ behind Melbourne, Australia between 2011 and 2015. In 2005, it took the pole position.