Karin Ward will appear in the shocking ITV documentary ‘Exposure: The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile’, which aired last night. The programme explained that she was abused by a TV presenter in a dressing room.

The alleged event took place in the 1970’s with a third star, who apparently still appears on UK television. This third star supposedly also assaulted a schoolgirl in the same dressing room.

Ward explained that she was invited to a TV show in London by Savile with two other pupils from her Surrey boarding school (named Duncroft).

“I saw Gary Glitter have sex with a girl in Jimmy Savile’s dressing room,” recalled Ward on the ITV programme. “I didn’t see it completely but that’s what was going on and nobody batted an eyelid.”

 “Jimmy Savile had a [14-year-old] girl on his lap and he had his hand up her skirt. The girl Gary Glitter was having sex with also came from Duncroft. I think she might have been not quite 14.”

Ward explained that the third star in the dressing room made a pass at her. “It frightened me and freaked me out,” explained Ward. Who was embarrassed in front of her school mates. “He humiliated me in front of everyone in the dressing room by saying something really unkind about my lack of breasts.”

10 women have revealed that they were abused by the late presenter Savile, who passed away last October. Savile was never charged with sexual assult.

Gary Glitter (Paul Gadd) was convicted for four months in 1999 for downloading child pornography. He was also convicted of assaulting two girls in Vietnam.