Khan interviewed the MP for Bradford West for the magazine. In the article, she claims that he converted in a ceremony in Kilburn, north-west London, a decade ago.

She writes: “Those close to him know this. The rest of the world, including his Muslim constituents, does not.”

Galloway has also recently remarried in a Muslim ceremony, having come out of two previous Muslim marriages.

The revelation has led some to speculate that Galloway has not made his conversion public knowledge for fear of losing the “working-class white vote”.

However, Galloway has denied ever attending the ceremony in Kilburn that Khan writes of, issuing this statement:

“The opening paragraph of Jemima Khan’s piece in the New Statesman (referring to an alleged conversion ceremony) is totally untrue. Moreover I told her it was fallacious when she put it to me. I have never attended any such ceremony in Kilburn, Karachi or Kathmandu. It is simply and categorically untrue.”

The statement, however, does not deny that he is a Muslim.

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