‘Lift London’ will offer Londoners the chance to blow the January blues away with some PMA – Positive Mental Altitude, with something for the mind, the body, or the soul.

If one of your New Year’s Eve resolutions was to broaden your horizons, you’re in luck,  as guests can choose from one of the following experiences:

Mind: Expert advice in relaxing meditation techniques from the London based ‘Heruka Centre’ will guide guests on a journey of relaxation and contemplation on the London Eye using the uplifting experience of having a peaceful mind to bring a sense of calm to the group. 

Body: Danai Kougiouli: Resident yoga and fitness guru Danai will help to shape the year to come with an invigorating yoga session set against the beautiful backdrop of the London skyline.

Soul: Melissa Scott-Miller, our official Lift London artist, will lead a group of budding artists as they take in the 360 degree views from the London Eye and get tips on how to create their own landscape works of art.

Career: Zoe Griffin: Former showbiz journalist, turned blogger and author of Get Rich Blogging will give a masterclass on taking your passion and turning it into a source of income.

Don’t forget that you may need to arrive early to avoid disappointment, as the number of places for free upgrades will be limited. The experiences will run from 11.00am until 1.00pm, but registration will start from opening at 10.00am.

For more information, check out the London Eye website.

Image credit: Facebook