What better way to celebrate the last few days of what has been, by all accounts, a glorious English summer than by wrestling in traditionally, Lancashire gravy? I certainly can’t think of one. 

According to bigpond.com.au‘s weird news site, more than 12,000 litres of thick, gluggy gravy was prepared using meat juice, vegetable stock and cornflour. That’s a lot of gravy!

More than a thousand spectators gathered in a field outside the pub to cheer on the competitors, who battled it out in separate male and female divisions to win the gravy trophy. 

This was no mere feat of strength though, extra points were added for competitors who showed qualities of flair, poise and a sense of humour over the two minute rounds. 

“We have two minute rounds, there’s points for entertainment, points for fancy dress and points for fighting,” tournament referee Ken Claxon told Reuters.

A local mother, Lisa Stewart, took out the women’s draw while one Michael Jarrett took out the coveted title in the men’s. 

There are quite literally a MILLION things I’d rather see than my mother wrestling in gravy… 

Anyway, Mr Jarrett – flushed with victory and no doubt smelling strongly of Sunday roast – gave an interview to Reuters in which he extolled the virtues of gravy in sports. 

“I think all sports should be done in gravy. Everything – boxing, football – would be more entertaining done in gravy,” Jarrett told Reuters.

I would pay good money to see just one game of Premier League football played in thick gravy. Oh, yes!

According to bigpond both Mr Jarrett and Mrs Stewart are set to return to defend their hard earned titles next year. Good luck to them. 

Image: crow-pie.co.uk