As far as cruelty goes, Japanese TV shows seem to have it nailed down. When they’re not subjecting contestants to weird games like “Strip the Girl” (no prizes for guessing what that one is) they’re subjecting innocent bystanders to seemingly life-threatening scenarios… for fun.

This one takes the biscuit though. One minute the unsuspecting victim is sipping his coffee, probably thinking about getting home to his wife and kids and in one moment everything changes.

Several of his co-workers running screaming past the doorway ahead is a confusing sight, but not yet concerning. Then a dinosaur pokes its head around the corner and suddenly the victim is running for his life. 

If you’ve watched Jurassic Park at any point during your life you’d probably recognize this as a carnivorous dinosaur, and with how realistic it looks you’d do what this guy does: drop the floor, abandon your belongings and trip over yourself while trying to escape. What else do you do when faced with a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex?

It almost makes you want to buy a dinosaur suit of your own and spend the rest of your life terrifying everyone you meet. Has anyone else got $8,000 lying around?

Images: Getty Images