Visa costs

It’s always best to consult with a visas expert when deciding which visa is best for you. Besides helping you identify the right category, they’ll also be able to tell you the exact cost of your visa.

Here are the fees for some of the most common visa types:

  • Working Holiday: $440

  • Skilled Migrant: $3,600

  • Employer Sponsored: $3,600

  • Parent visa: $4,000 but can rise up to $50,000

  • Partner visa: $6,939

There are generally no financial requirements to apply for an Australian visa. However, depending on which state you are looking to settle in, there may be some financial criteria that you will need satisfy.

Opening a bank account

There are four major banks Down Under. They all offer special accounts to people who are in the process of moving to Australia. These accounts will give you the ability to transfer money into the country before you’ve arrived. In order to withdraw funds from these accounts, you must be physically present in Australia so that you can complete the Customer Identification Process.

While ANZ, NAB, Westpac and Commonwealth Bank offer these types of accounts, we recommend using an independent foreign exchange provider to get your money from wherever you are in the world, into Australia.

Use an agent, not a bank, to transfer money to Australia

Foreign exchange agents like 1st Contact Forex offer one-on-one client-broker service and can secure much better rates than a traditional bank. As an added bonus, if you email us, we’ll send you a voucher that entitles you to a free money transfer when you register.

Through our office in Melbourne, we offer speedy, secure and cost-effective money transfer services. Since 2001 we’ve helped people transfer money in and out of Australia to pay off debt, send money home, purchase property and invest offshore. We process over 140,000 transactions a year at lower fees and better exchange rates than the banks.

We don’t just do private transfers. We can also help SME businesses with all their foreign exchange requirements involved in the importing and exporting of goods. Our transparent exchange rates make your life easier when planning for your international business’s future.

Four reasons why people keep choosing 1st Contact 

1.   Convenience

Transferring is easy, quick and secure, with a choice of direct deposit or by using the secure online portal. Support is also available via email, telephone or SMS.

2.   Best exchange rates in the market

Due to the volumes we transfer, we’re able to secure the best possible exchange rates for our clients.

3.    Quick transfers

Your online transaction will clear within three working days. If you need to get it there in a hurry, we’ll ensure it clears within one working day, for an additional fee.

4.   Transparent exchange rates

While most providers (including all the banks) give their clients an exchange rate only after the transfer, we have a completely transparent policy. Our fees and exact rates are summarised for our clients before the transaction is completed.

Contact one of our forex brokers in our Melbourne office today. Alternatively, give them a call on +61 3 8651 4500 and get your money where you want it to be.